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Miningpool FAQ

How to connect?

Host: vbk.qp.be

Port: 8502

T-Rex miner (Nvidia only)

DO NOT USE T-REX versions 0.24.2 till 0.24.5!, as they seem not to run stable for VBK

As from T-REX version 0.24.6 the bug is solved!

t-rex.exe -a progpow-veriblock -o stratum+tcp://vbk.qp.be:8502 -u ADDRESS --mt 3
( option '--mt 3' requires Admin privileges to run; you can omit that option if you don't have admin privileges)

Wildrig Miner (Nvidia + AMD)

wildrig.exe --print-full --algo vprogpow --url stratum+tcp://vbk.qp.be:8502 --user ADDRESS --pass X


For any question, please contact @ZycorX in the Veriblock Discord server

Join VBK Discord: https://discord.gg/Fbcm67SUvP


Instant payout on the next block, no minimum required!

Pool Fee

1 %

(sorry for that, it does not cover the servers cost)